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Morphology of the Nymphalid. There are also any people that identify as * Other but don’t want to go through the process of being chosen. Let us know if you’re willing to go through the transition, as we’ll be looking for a third* person in *any* of the categories * to join the Panhellenic community. Email me (identitiesurgeon@ gmail. Co-ed Riptide: We're a co-ed fraternity. We are mostly involved in intramural sports, but we participate in intramural sports as well as a variety of other extra-curriculars. We are a "no-gree society" and all major elections are voted on by secret ballot. There are some people who don’t even know what this means because we just use the same method as the rest of the Greeks. We hold elections from time to time on a variety of issues. The chairman of the Panhellenic (of course) is elected by a majority vote of the chapter. The President of the Panhellenic is elected by the Panhellenic (of course). We do have an independent judiciary system in which the judicial officers of the Panhellenic are elected by the voting membership. We hold trial within the Panhellenic and can choose to hold a trial if the matter is one of interest to the Panhellenic. Membership is open to all. We do have a senatus consultum. I. We hold elections for officers, and in some cases, we may elect officers by consensus if no one has proposed a candidate. There is no "majority rule." A. We do have a senatus consultum which is a formal act that supersedes all conflicting informal policies. We do have the Panhellenic Constitution which is a contract between the Panhellenic, the EGC, and ourselves. The Panhellenic Constitution is under revision by the Panhellenic. If you are interested in joining please contact me, My email is on our Panhellenic's website. If you don't know what any of that means you probably aren't interested in the Panhellenic. Manual of the Panhellenic Chorale There are Greek national songs, Panhellenic Greek songs, and school songs that all have different pros and cons. We have some choruses that are affiliated with the Panhellenic, and many other less formal chorus groups that are




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